Publisher’s Introduction

The FTC has issued guidelines which may require bloggers to disclosure possible conflicts of interest when engaging in free speech. Without commenting on the legality of those guidelines, I am making the following disclosures.


Project Surplus has or will have business relationships with a variety of advertising networks.  As is standard practice, these serve ads without consultation with site publishers. This means that, while we’re indirectly getting paid by the advertisers that appear on the website, we have no relationship with those people and, more importantly, our editorial choices are not influenced by the fact they’re placing ads on our site via a third party network.

This is particularly noteworthy in the case of networks which use keywords and other contextual indicators to assign ads.  A post about a particular person or business may refer to an ad related to that person or business or their competitors.   While not coincidental—indeed, it’s quite intentional on the part of the ad purchaser—it’s independent of my editorial choices.  And, indeed, any number of different ads will be served in these spots even on the same blog post page, over the course of time or depending on your other browsing habits.

Ally Domercant, Publisher

I am employed by Moody Bible Institute/Moody Radio as the co-host of Karl and Crew Mornings on 90.1 FM WMBI in Chicago. The articles and views presented are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Moody Bible Institute or Moody Radio. For further inquiries, please contact me by emailing hello@projectsurplus.org.